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From the ancient land of China, Reflexology is an art that has healed mind and body for over 2000 years. The technique uses pressure points on the feet to re-balance and cleanse energy points known as meridians. This therapeutic massage may also be added on to enhance any full body massage session.

Stone Massage

This treatment combines tension releasing massage technique with smooth river stones as an extension of the therapists hands.

Hot stones are used throughout the massage, both in massage strokes and in placement on the body. The heat will provide relaxing comfort and begin to ease tension in muscles.

Breathe In Aromatherapy Massage

The name speaks for itself. This proprietary blend of essential oils combats respiratory issues associated with allergies, flus and colds, plus helps relieve sore, tired muscles and joint pain. The main elements are oil blend with eucalyptus which come together to create a wonderful, healing effect.